Tuesday, April 7, 2015

John of God Crystal Bed Torrance

John of God Crystal Bed Energy Bath - Torrance

When you think of a bath, you may think of a bathtub with some soap and maybe some nice soothing music. Have you heard of a crystal bed energy bath before?
Let's talk about the John of God Crystal Bed which is composed of seven highly energized quality quartz crystals and they are activated by light from 7 main energy center colors which are the rainbow spectrum hues from red to violet.

These crystals vibrate in motion with an energy that is quite similar to water. This energy pushed out and spread by the crystals is sent to that person’s body. The energy from the crystals have the ability to restructure or organize water, which means it can also reorganize the blood structure found in the person lying under the lit crystals.
One of the amazing qualities of these quartz crystals is when an set intent is made, usually a healing one, they are then set on a mission to send an energy of that set intent through consciousness. This then leads to that energy going to the place on the person's body or way of being such as; healing their mental, emotional, purely energetic (spiritual), or even physical needs.  
With people receiving a crystal bed energy bath session, they at times experience the energy they feel (or see) is directed to that part of their body they wanted attention to and it in most cases connects with their set intent which they had set before the session.
The elemental structure held by crystals is one of the simplest in nature overall. When light is passed through the crystal itself, the structure of the crystal will allow for the light to vibrate and spread. In regards to water, it can easily take on many elemental structures and patterns. One fact about water is that when it gets formed in an orderly pattern along with geometric shapes incorporated into its elemental structure, there is an increase of surface tension as well as bonding properties.
In this state, water like this is found in healthy cell tissues. Vice versa, with unhealthy cell tissues, the water has no structure or orderly pattern. In other words, there are health promoting effects of crystal therapy. When the vibration of light and spreading through the crystal occurs, it is pointed towards the water found in our bodies which helps to restructure and get the elemental properties of water into an orderly pattern. Once this is done,  it promotes healthy tissues and cells.
Crystal therapy today is due to the work Marcel Vogel had invested into researching quartz crystals. He conducted experiments showing the amount of power crystals had on our physical processes.
Vogel Crystals
The experiments of Vogel and his partners proved that an exact cut quartz crystal creates a consistent and never changing vibration of the same frequency as H20 in its purest state: Water that is moving will identify the vibration from the crystal through echoing interaction and this transferred energy will restructure the water. A cut crystal can be charged with the focus and activity to organize water. Since we are made up of  about 70% water this presents strong reason for how our health can be affected.
The Vogel crystals that are used in the crystal healing bed are cut and ground to a particular size and shape to mimic the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The female, or receiving end of the crystals is cut exactly to match the interior angle which is 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 51 seconds, which is the same angle as the angle found for the sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This end extract life force, which then goes down vertically in the crystal and is heightened each time it hits a facet. When this highly heightened life force is focused through the small end of the vogel crystal, known as the male end part, it creates a laser-like energy. Each crystal cut into this shape, no matter how large or small, produces a consistent vibratory ‘note’ or signature of 454. Because of this vibratory signature, the crystals communicate directly with the water of the body, returning it to a healthy, structured state.
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